Ma Chao

Son of the warlord Ma Teng and a highly skilled warrior. He mobolised his father’s forces for revenge when Cao Cao tricked his father to the capital and kill him along with his brothers Ma Tie and Ma Xiu. Together with his father’s sworn brother Han Sui, they troops set off for Chang’an and conquer it easily. Having conquer Chang’an they advanced towards Tong Pass which is a strategic pass. Cao Cao ordered Cao Hong and Xu Huang to lead 10,000 troops to guard and hold on to Tong Pass for ten days. On the ninth however Cao Hong could not stand Ma Chao’s challenge and verbal abuse and went out of the pass to give battle but was defeated and resulted in the loss of the pass.

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Huang Zhong

An old veteran general probably the oldest ever known to take to the battlefield. Initially a general under the warlord Han Xuan, Huang Zhong led troops to defend Changsha against Guan Yu’s invading forces after Yang Ling got slain by Guan Yu in the initial battle. Both men were evenly matched in the duel till Huang Zhong’s horse stumbled. Guan Yu did not take advantage of the situation and spare Huang Zhong. The two generals had another duel the next day. In order to repay Guan Yu for sparing him, Huang Zhong purposely shot his arrow which pierced Guan Yu’s helmet. Continue Reading »

Zhao Yun

The longest surviving of the five tiger generals of the Shu Kingdom, Zhao Yun originally served under the warlord Gongsun Zan but abandoned him after finding him to be a warlord who fights for his own gains and didn’t bother about suffering of the general populace. He joined up with Liu Bei when Liu Bei was escaping from Yuan Shao’s camp.

Calm and level-headed, he was assigned as escort for Liu Bei on functions and trips. Continue Reading »

Zhang Fei

Impulsive, hot-headed and like to drink. These characteristics eventually brought upon his death. He was initially a butcher before he sworn brothership with Liu Bei and Guan Yu. His outspoken frankness and the desire to help the weak and bullied without a second thought led him to trash the imperial inspector who came to inspect the county Liu Bei was rewarded for contributing to the war against the yellow scarves rebellion before Liu Bei and Guan Yu stopped him. This trashing led to Liu Bei giving up his county post and be on the run from the authorities. Continue Reading »

Guan Yu

Leader of the five tiger generals of Shu. I’m sure many rtk fans feel sad reading about the capture and subsequent execution of Guan Yu. Sharing the same vision of government and the desire to restore peace and order led him to swear brotherhood with Liu Bei and Zhang Fei.

During the suppression of the Yellow Scarves Rebellion, Guan Yu fought alongside with Liu Bei and Zhang Fei and their success brought them some fame in the country and soon the ailing Han Dynasty enlisted their aid in helping to put down the yellow scarves rebellion elsewhere. Later on while Liu Bei was governing Xuzhou, Cao Cao launched an attack and Liu Bei and Zhang Fei led troops out to try to take the weary enemy by surprise but unfortunately was beaten back. Continue Reading »

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