The Ba Gua pattern

How it comes about in your mind, how your intuition shows the way. The larger context. Mental and social aspirations, explorations, resonance and exchange. Spiritual value.
It becomes conscious, visible, tangible. How will it affect your situation or vv. How can you use your intelligence. Will it bring acknowledgment or power. Your mission in the world.
The interaction with your surroundings. Restrictions or help. Mutual influences and shared resources. Projections, emotions and passions. Hidden potentials. The degree of fertility for the growth of what you seek.

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Fu Xi

Fu Xi was born on the lower-middle reaches of the Yellow River in a place called Chengji (possibly modern Lantian, Shaanxi or Tianshui, Gansu).

According to legend the land was swept by a great flood and only Fuxi and his sister Nüwa survived. They retired to Kunlun Mountain where they prayed for a sign from the Emperor of Heaven. The divine being approved their union and the siblings set about procreating the human race. It was said that in order to speed up the procreation of humans, Fu Xi and Nüwa find an additional way by using clay to create human figures, and with the power divine being entrusted to them, they made the clay figures to come alive. Fu Xi then came to rule over his descendents although reports of his long reign vary between sources from 115 years (BCE 2852-2737) to 116 years (BCE 2952-2836).

He lived for 197 years altogether and died at a place called Chen (modern Huaiyang, Henan)

Yin Yang

  • Yin-yang are Opposing
    • Yin and yang describe the polar effects of phenomena. In viewing any one phenomenon (or the comparison of two phenomena), yin and yang describe the opposing qualities inherent in it. For instance, winter and summer would be the yin and yang, respectively, of the year.
  • Yin-yang are Mutually Rooted
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Sleeping Dragon - Zhuge Liang

Historically, Zhuge Liang was also known as Zhuge Kong Ming (ZKM). He was nicknamed “The Hidden Dragon” due to the fact that people around him underestimated his capacity to achieve great things. Other translations of his nickname were “Crouching Dragon” and “Sleeping Dragon.”

Zhuge Liang was born in 181 AD (the last years of East Han Dynasty), in the Yang-tu, Shantung province, China. Historically, he was known as a great statesman, an engineer, and a military strategist in the Three Kingdoms period (220-280 AD).
Zhuge Liang’s wife’s name is rumored to be Huang Yueying (黄月英).
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Five Elements (Wu Xing)

According to Wu Xing theory, the structure of the cosmos mirrors the five elements. Each “element” has a complex series of associations with different aspects of nature, as can be seen in the following table. In the ancient Chinese form of geomancy known as Feng Shui practitioners all based their art and system on the five elements (Wu Xing). All of these elements are represented within the Bagua. Associated with these elements are colors, seasons and shapes; all of which are interacting with each other.

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